Noorani Dance


Enlightening Minds & Hearts Through The Arts

Founded in 2015, Noorani Dance, founded and directed by Kathak artist, Farah Yasmeen Shaikh, exemplifies Farah’s unique artistic expression and vision coupled with the classical and innovative style of Farah's Guru, the late kathak maestro, Pandit Chitresh Das.


"Noorani" means bright or luminous, with a dual meaning of enlightenment. With kathak dance as the medium, Noorani Dance is committed to enlightening minds and hearts through the arts, offering traditional and innovative training and performances, and collaborative partnerships across other forms of performing arts.


Students, ages 5 and up, receive training in the foundational aspects of the movement technique along with learning the theoretical aspects of the music, history and philosophy of the kathak tradition.


Performance opportunities for students of Noorani Dance are provided through various programs including Mehfil-e-Kathak, and a variety of community performances in partnership with organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Advanced students have the opportunity to join the Noorani Dance Company, receiving more vigorous, in-depth training and opportunities to perform in professional productions of Noorani Dance. In 2018, a performing group for the intermediate and advanced children was formed - Yasmeen ki Kaliyan, the flowering buds of jasmine - offering similar opportunities to gain experience through performance. 


After many years of advanced training, students of Noorani Dance receiving in depth one to one training from Farah, may have the opportunity to participate in Manzil ke Andaaz - the many aspects of one's journey. This is the first performance of a Kathak solo, which is neither the beginning nor the end. It is a culmination of years of training, hard work and commitment, to be able to share one's skills and knowledge of this vast art form. Through the experience of preparing for this major milestone, the dancer is also awakened to this journey being one that continues for a lifetime.

To receive more information about classes offered at Noorani Dance, please send us a message.